Prices are £55 per hour or £80 for 1.5 hours
(except for Indian Head massage which is £45 for a 50 minute treatment).

First appointments cost £65 and are 1 hour and 20 minutes, this allows time for a consultation before the massage
(except for Soft Tissue Therapy and Thai Yoga Stretch where the first appointment is 1.5 hours and the cost is £80).


Recommended for relaxation and rebalancing. This therapeutic massage is tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer.

You could ask for a targeted treatment in certain areas or opt for a full body massage.  The choice is yours, as is the pressure level.

Commonly people ask for back, neck and shoulder massages.  I may encourage you to try a leg massage too as tension in your legs can contribute to back pain.  If you regularly use a computer or do manual work you may wish to include an arm and chest massage in your treatment to keep your upper body balanced.

deep Tissue Massage

Suitable for people who have a lot of muscular tension and would also like relaxing treatment.  A deeper pressure massage delivered with slow and relaxing strokes using sports and myofascial techniques.  

Your legs and back can be treated within the hour or experience a detailed “360 degrees” back, neck and shoulder treatment where you are massaged lying on your front, sides and back. This thorough approach ensures all the muscles surrounding your shoulders are massaged, stretched and released.

thai Yoga Stretch Massage

A Clothed Treatment

Recommended for people who are active, stand a lot or have lower back pain and stiffness.

This treatment is inspired by traditional Thai massage and combines deep but gentle assisted yoga stretches to lengthen and relax tight muscles and work on the Sen energy lines of the body to re-energise and rebalance you.  A super choice for releasing tight legs and glutes.  Expect to feel lengthened and taller afterwards.

IndiaN Head Massage 

A Clothed Treatment

The ultimate stress buster, designed to fully relax the shoulders, neck and scalp.  Regular treatments can result in reduced stress levels, heightened energy, improved sleep patterns and an increased sense of wellbeing.  Can be relaxing or invigorating depending on your mood and needs.

Highly recommended for people who have regular headaches, a tight neck or feel stressed.   

£45 for a 50 minute massage


A faster, targeted and more invigorating massage which focuses on certain areas of tension or discomfort in the body.

More active techniques like massage with movement, neuromuscular trigger pointing and muscle energy techniques may be used in this treatment. This will involve more interaction and change of positions on the couch so this treatment is less relaxing than some of the other massages I offer.


A combination of two effective treatments to relieve muscular tension from the upper and lower body. Enjoy a Deep Tissue back massage and a Thai Yoga Stretch treatment on your legs.

Suitable for people who feel they are holding a lot of tension in their body. This treatment involves a strong level of pressure, although this can be reduced on request.

The leg massage is performed through clothes and is fantastic for releasing the lower back, glutes and legs through deep but gentle assisted yoga stretches.


The first appointment is 1.5 hours to allow time for a thorough assessment.

Soft Tissue Therapy is an effective treatment for musculoskeletal pain, stiffness or injuries.  It’s scientific approach to assessing and manipulating soft tissue (muscles, connective tissue, tendons, ligaments and joints) restores balance and optimal function to the body reducing pain and improving range of movement.

Soft Tissue Therapy is useful for:

  • Ongoing maintenance and to prevent injuries if you are active with your hobbies or at work.
  • To prepare the body for increased athletic activities.
  • To enhance recovery after injury or surgery. 

You do not need to be “sporty” to have Soft Tissue Therapy.  It helps to improve posture and balance, reduce everyday aches and pains, and improves your ability to move for everyday activities like walking and gardening.

A typical treatment would include an assessment, some functional massage and specialist stretching techniques.  Aftercare stretches and strengthening exercises are often given to continue and maintain improvements long-term.  Massage alone cannot “reactivate” underused muscles which cause imbalances in the body so performing your aftercare at home is a really important element of a treatment.

How does Soft Tissue Therapy differ to normal massage?

  • A session normally focuses on one area of the body if you have a particular issue or one to two areas for reducing muscular tension. 
  • At the start of a session we do some assessment to see if you have pain or restriction doing certain movements, that way I know which muscles need treatment.
  • Sessions require more engagement and movement from you compared to my holistic massage treatments.  You may be prompted to do certain movements and be asked to change positions more regularly, however, by the end of a session clients still normally feel relaxed as well as released.

therapeutic massage

Suitable for people experiencing stress, bereavement or following a traumatic event.  This slow, mindful treatment aims to soothe the nervous system and rebalance the mind-body connection.  It targets tension hotspots identified by the customer and areas of the body that contain higher numbers of sensory nerve endings e.g. hands, feet, scalp and face.  This style of massage aims to provide calmness and reassurance and may help you to feel a little lighter and to sleep better. 

N.B. This is not a talking therapy and you will not be asked to discuss your reasons for choosing this treatment.  Instead massage is used to encourage feelings of safety, comfort and emotional processing – if you feel ready for this.

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Happy Clients

Abi’s therapy room is a little haven. She took the time to understand what I wanted and needed for my treatment and then invited me to rest on her beautifully sumptuous and comfortable massage table. She totally got it right – I left feeling like I was floating down the road and was so much more relaxed.


Yoga Instructor